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WOOP Stories


I love your WOOP work-I'm sharing it wherever I go!

"I use WOOP with second graders to improve self-control and with high school students who want to procrastinate less or be less anxious. I use it personally so I don't eat after 9 pm (my big obstacle to my weight loss). I have shared WOOP in many of my workshops in helping adults and children change, and the audience is always very intrigued by WOOP."

Dr. Caren Baruch-Feldman

A Year of WOOP!

"I am excited to report that I have now been living with WOOP daily and building it into my personal and professional practice. The 40-year-old health related issue I have had has been ‘solved’ using WOOP, and I remain as excited by the process a year on as I was the day I ‘found’ it.
Congratulations as well on the book which I bought as soon as published and which I have personally recommended to many others! What still staggers me about the framework, even today is how ‘deceptively’ simple it is, and yet how it continues to work at such a deep level."

James Nelson, Counsellor

Thank you!

"I've been fairly successful off and on and overcome some extreme challenges, but I didn't realize that I had a method to my greatest achievements. Before I found WOOP, I committed to walking across the US to raise support for a charity, and figure this whole commitment thing out.
I used the best personal development systems I know and got myself to commit to the walk. 500 days, five near death experiences and 4600 miles later, I finished. There was a lot I wanted to get myself to do on that walk, but for one reason or another couldn't. After I had finished, I had the exact same problem. There was something different between when I committed to my walk than when I tried to commit to rebuild my business, or even exercise regularly.
Like any highly analytical person, I dove into research. I stopped looking at the self-help and success gurus and started looking for the science. That's when I found your WOOP site. I read the studies on the site, used the app a bit, even remade the audio, so it works better for me personally, and integrated some NLP techniques that have helped me in the past with the WOOP session.
Since using WOOP regularly, I've made massive strides in my professional and personal life. Moved to NYC, restructured my parent's business, gotten two new businesses started, started exercising regularly, found a new group of friends in New York, and lost 5 lbs. All of that in the last three weeks. I've got ways to go with everything still, but I'm confident I can do it all, now that I have a system".

Stephen Hnilica

Hi WOOP Team!

"It’s great to learn of WOOP! I am a semi-retired pharmacist in Atlanta...looking for meaningful work projects and looking for ways to add to my current volunteer activity....Thanks for offering WOOP to me!"

Chip Robinson

Rethinking Positive Thinking

"Rethinking Positive Thinking is a pleasure to read—clearly and compellingly argued, logically organized, and well-suited for all those seeking a way to help themselves without defaulting to the tired tropes often found in self-help books. WOOP offers actionable steps that are applicable to many situations, are easy to follow, and have been proven effective by decades of studies".

Xian Gu, Managing Editor, Routledge Psychology (Taylor & Francis Publishers)

Such a relief!

"In this particular instance, I was struggling (with a recurring theme) that when something important but hard is overdue, I sometimes procrastinate up to and beyond deadlines to avoid the painful pressure. By imagining myself fixing the situation, and substituting doing something simple for something complex, I got started along the path of completion, and that alone caused me to become sufficiently engaged to get the difficult assignment started, and then momentum carried me through to completion. Such a relief! And it also led to an important insight about myself, that positive thinking alone has sometimes had the opposite effect on motivation.
I finished the book this weekend and now can truly appreciate the thorough research behind the WOOP method, with the full explanations given for why it carefully structured as it is. Wow, I had no idea how thoroughly the method has been tested and proven out over the years. Being immersed in a culture of "positive thinking Americans" :-), this is truly a great contribution for turning words and ideas into positive action. I never understood that positive thinking could often have the opposite effect and stymie action. Understanding at the very first step that it is important that the best wishes engender an expectation of future success is a great insight, and when they don't, understanding that those wishes may need to be modified.  How mental contrasting works, and how implementation intentions further increase motivation is excellent knowledge.  And having experienced it firsthand just validates what has been carefully researched.
I look forward to applying WOOP more and more. It is truly a great contribution that I'm sure will withstand the test of time as people become more aware of it".

Tom Schroeder

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